Embracing 30


I am two months away from turning 30 and honestly I am not feeling any different or dreading it like many do. My issue is that I did not live my 20s to their maximum. I accomplished some things; I bought a home, had a beautiful daughter, and I am happier than I have ever been. With that being said, there are so many things I want to do that I have not done. I procrastinate or act like time is unlimited, when in reality we all have an expiration date. Not only that, but as we get older, many activities become harder to accomplish physically. I have decided for my 30s, I will be a doer and stop putting everything off for later. I will also work to improve my overall lifestyle. I have been wanting to start a blog/journal for a while with the goal of saying what is on my mind and to remember how I felt at a certain period in my life. It is also a great way to see progress and growth and to hold myself accountable. So with that being said, this is my first blog post and one check off my list!

This is sort of cliché and there are many lists on the internet for things to do before 30 or before 40, but when looking over them, there are very few that I could relate with. I have a couple on my list that are the same; run a marathon, learn a language, but most of them I am either not interested in doing or they are simply not realistic. For example, sky diving or bungee jumping, I am a mother and I love my life! No thank you. I decided to go a more personal route and pick goals I have been wanting to do or want to be more consistent with. Again, these are personal changes and accomplishments I would like to achieve and for the most part are not dependent on other people. My daughter is not really included nor are larger goals, such as marriage, having more children, and so on. I have some control over those, but not 100% and I cannot guarantee or want to be able to guarantee them, so they are left off.


30 Things to do in MY 30s

  1. Start a Blog!

Here it is! Check.

  1. Run a 5k, half-marathon, and ultimately a marathon

I have never been a runner and struggle even making it down the street, but it is something I want to do and improve in. This will be a huge challenge and that is a part of it I love.

  1. Read a minimum of 4 books a year

I grew up loving to read and I still do, but I don’t make the time to sit back and enjoy a book anymore. I tend to start a book or get halfway through and never finish. I want to change that and begin using my spare time more productively. I take baths over showers 85% of the time and this would be the perfect opportunity to read.

  1. Take new classes that interest me

The gym offers so many free classes, well not free, but classes that come with the membership, and I never try them (Zumba, yoga, cycling, etc.). I have especially been interested in yoga, but besides trying a video off the internet, I have not given it a real shot. I also see a lot of classes on Groupon (an addiction of mine, but that is a whole different post) that just seem neat. Glass blowing is an example of this! I love art and how cool does knowing how to make art out of melted glass sound?!

  1. Have a day out with friends at least once a month

We have already started this, but I want to make it a routine. This is one that is not entirely on myself, but I figure it shouldn’t be too hard to do. Our last girl’s day out was horseback riding and our next one is doing an escape room. Again, thank you Groupon!

  1. Visit somewhere new once a month (museum, hiking trail, new city)

I don’t get out much unless it is taking my almost 2 year old to swim class, the baby gym, or to a play date. Even before having her, my life consisted of going out to bars or clubs, working, and playing video games. I have not gone out and really seen the world! There are so many hidden beauties and a number of them are just a short drive. I want to be able to say that I have experienced what life and nature has to offer. The Big Thicket is only an hour and a half away and will be the first place on my list!

  1. Try new meals at my favorite restaurants instead of getting my regular

I am one of those people who finds something they enjoy and orders this meal every time. If I go to a steak house, no matter which one, it is the same EXACT thing. Sirloin steak, cooked medium, with a baked potato (butter, cheese, bacon), and a Caesar salad. Ill switch up my drink, but that is about it! Like I previously said, I want to experience more in life and get out of my comfort zone, so this is a must!

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle instead of making it a phase

I love cooking and making new foods, but I tend to do really well for 2-3 weeks and then I completely fall off and start eating out 3+ times a week. I know the issues and why I do this, but I have not corrected them. One, I let dishes pile up when I cook because I absolutely despise this chore. To fix this, I need to not cook every day. This will give myself an extra day for the dishes and I can simply make enough to have leftovers on the off days. This will also prevent feeling burnt out and makes time for other things I enjoy, like reading. My other problem is that I don’t prepare. I know what works for me and that is setting up a meal plan and making my grocery list off this. If I make my meal planning for a month out and make a biweekly grocery list, then I should be able to successfully stick to home cooking and making healthy eating a lifestyle instead of a phase. Working out also goes along with this, I need to make it a routine instead of one month on, one month off.

  1. Finish my degree!

This is a biggie! I have been going to school off/on for 10 years. Sadly. And I have nothing to show for it. This goes along with reading books and my hobby issue that I will discuss later. I tend to get bored quickly and I am a great starter but, poor finisher. I need to overcome these characteristics and finish what I start. I am currently in school and over halfway through with my Sociology degree. Who knows, once I complete it, maybe I’ll even go for a Master’s.

  1. Improve sewing skills and open my Etsy shop

This is one that I have been saying I am going to do as well, I enjoy sewing and I can do basics. I make my daughter’s head wraps, tutus, and I even made a very basic shirt that was good for one wear. Haha. I want to actually put time into this to improve the skill and make it an extra source of income once I am happy with the quality.

  1. Get out of debt 

Okay, not out of complete debt, that would be pushing it with student loans and a house, but I want to have my credit cards paid off! My father is a great example of how to properly use credit cards; use them and then pay the statement balance when the statement comes in. You get your rewards and bonuses this way, without the crazy interest. Me, well, I use them irresponsibly and have a bad shopping problem, like oh so many of us. I am getting better, but I still have plenty of room for improvement. So getting my credit cards paid off and using them responsibly is my goal.

  1. Get out of my Comfort Zone (go places alone)

There are many instances when I want to see a movie or concert that my friends are not interested in, so I just don’t go. I need to start embracing this opportunity and go alone! This will not only get me out of my comfort zone, but I will have alone time to think and grow. I am with my daughter 95% of the time and having some alone time is needed to clear my head and get a break, even if it just a few hours every other week.

  1. Volunteer once a year

This should be simple and I may even be able to do it a couple times a year. Once my daughter is old enough, I will bring her as well. Helping others or getting involved in your local community is a necessity to keep our parks and streets clean and safe. It provides for those less fortunate and is needed to keep charities running. It can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

  1. Learn Spanish

I went through a few years of Spanish in high school, but I did not keep up with it and I am in no way fluent. I can understand when people speak Spanish, but if the response is more than a simple “si”, “muy bien”, or “adios” then you will not hear me replying! Living in Texas, I should know and be able to speak Spanish fluently. And who knows maybe I’ll even take on a third language after I master it! Being able to say I am trilingual sounds pretty cool.

  1. Learn to play an Instrument

I would love to learn to play the guitar. This will be one of the tougher goals on my list; I am not musically inclined by any means and all of those notes confuse me. I wanted to include a few mental challenges in my list though and I really do want to be able to play an instrument! The acoustic guitar sounds beautiful.

  1. Take 1 road trip a year 

This sort of goes along with #6, visiting somewhere new, but these will be longer distance trips and will take more than 1 day. I guess you could call them vacations. I love road trips because you can plan many destinations in one trip and stop along the way or personalize your path based on the places you want to visit. I remember a road trip with my grandparents when I was very young. We visited white sands in New Mexico and continued to Arizona just so I could say I had been there. They have passed away, but that was a trip that I will always remember and have as a memory with them. I loved that trip and I want to go on more, with my daughter especially. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, there are so many places I have yet to see!

  1. Mature my style

I am 29, soon to be 30, and I dress like I am in my early 20s or in lounge wear. I don’t look put together. I want to dress like an adult and give my closet a complete makeover! No more leggings, tank tops, and sneakers! Okay, I will still have them, but not wear them every single day.

  1. Be on a game show 

This is another one that is not completely in my power, but I haven’t even tried to get on one! I love GSN (game show network) and will watch game shows all day long given the opportunity. My favorite is Family Feud! I can’t guarantee that I will complete this goal, but I want to at least apply and really give it a shot. There are so many shows I would love to be on!

  1. Train and try out for American Ninja Warrior

Another show that I am obsessed with! The contestants on this show are so inspiring and if you have not seen it, I would recommend giving it a shot. There are people from every aspect of life completing an insanely difficult obstacle course. There are teachers, fire fighters, college students, country farmers, people old and young, all coming together trying to complete the same goal. The physical capabilities of everyone are incredible and it looks like a fun challenge!

  1. Perfect my gardening 

Every year I start a garden, but I always end up failing at it. This year I did get my herbs to grow, but I would not call that an accomplishment since all they really take is water and sun. My peppers and tomatoes both died. I put my garden in a bad area that easily floods when it rains, so next year I will try on higher ground. 

  1. Try a new recipe twice a month

Like my restaurant problem, I tend to cook the same meals over and over. I have tried some new recipes recently and realized how much I have been missing out. I want to continue trying new recipes and improving my cooking skills. My daughter thinking no one’s cooking is better than her mommy’s would be a plus as well.

  1. Go scuba diving

I went snorkeling on a trip to Hawaii and although it was a great experience, scuba diving and getting to the lower depths would have been incredible. Growing up I wanted to either be an archaeologist or a marine biologist. The diversity of sea life intrigues me, mainly because it is not something we can easily view. This is where scuba diving comes in! 

  1. Mardi Gras

I have lived in Houston, Texas (born and raised) for almost 30 years now and I have NEVER been to New Orleans! This is something I feel I must do; it is too close not to!

  1. Watch a meteor shower

Another part of life I absolutely love; stars and space. Astronomy is so interesting, how we can see the stars and planets to an extent, but it is something not completely understood or known. We are constantly learning more about it, but its exact purpose or our purpose in it for that matter is something to be discovered. Everything about space is based on theories and/or faith. Space is unending and there is so much beyond what we see; it is magical.

  1. Go to Comic-Con in cosplay

I am a geek, I grew up collecting comic books and I absolutely love X-Men! I’m team Marvel all the way. 90s Rogue would be my cosplay outfit; I love her and well, I am a 90s kid! The green and yellow leotard with brown jacket, in case you didn’t know which Rogue I was referring to.

  1. Go Camping 

This is one that I would include my daughter on! Family camping sounds like a blast. I have not been camping since I was in Brownies, so I can’t even remember how the experience was. This would be a good trip to combine with the meteor shower. 

  1. Find a hobby I enjoy and actually follow through with it

Let’s see, I was on swim team for 2 years, I was great at it and enjoyed it, and then I randomly quit. I was in Brownies, about to get promoted to Girl Scouts, and then I quit. I start reading a book, get halfway through, and then quit. I come up with ideas and never follow through with them. Well it is time to change this pattern. When I find a hobby I enjoy, I am going to see how far I can take it.

  1. Allow myself to trust and truly love 

I think I have been in love, at least it seemed as if I was at that time, but that was so many years ago that I can’t even say for sure. I hold onto my past experiences, both good and bad, and let them interfere with possibilities. I need to let that all go and allow life and relationships to be simpler than I make them. I will allow myself to experience true love when given the opportunity and give people chances.

  1. Go skiing 

Again, I live in Houston, Texas. We get snow about once every 5 to 6 years and when I say snow, I mean about 30 minutes of it falling and NOT sticking to the ground. I have seen real snow maybe twice in my life and only once that I remember. Going to a mountainous region and going skiing is very different than the flat, hot, city life I have grown up in. I want to give it a try!

  1. Simply do what makes me HAPPY

This list has an end point and as I get older, I am sure there will be more I want to try or something new I want to accomplish. That is why #30 is so vague; it covers it all! If accomplishing that goal I do not know of yet is what would make me happy, I NEED TO GO FOR IT! If somehow my mind changes and I want to sky dive which I previously said I would not do, then go for it…. Okay, maybe indoor sky diving? Anyways, this is one we should all live by and do. If it is in our means and does not physically harm someone else, then do it! We are at our best when we are happy and that happiness tends to have a growing effect on the people around us.

I have compiled the list on a separate page track progress and hold myself accountable. https://sahmlifestyle.com/30-in-my-30s-checklist/



3 thoughts on “Embracing 30

  1. kristinakoti August 31, 2016 / 5:43 am

    Wow I am impressed by your set of goals and I must say very thoughtful and challenging, especially some of them. Well the thing about the blog is that, you can update and share your achievements with the blog community. Looking forward to see your updates on your journey 😊.

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