30 in my 30s Checklist

I have compiled the list of 30 things I would like to do and accomplish in my 30s here. I will be dating them as they are completed! The ones that are ongoing I will simply add what I did for that month or year beneath it.

  1. Start a Blog!   √  8/28/2016
  1. Run a 5k, half-marathon, and ultimately a marathon
  1. Read a minimum of 4 books a year        2017: 1984 (2/7/17)
  1. Take new classes that interest me
  1. Have a day out with friends at least once a month
  1. Visit somewhere new once a month (museum, hiking trail, new city)
  1. Try new meals at my favorite restaurants instead of getting my regular                                                         This one is no longer an option, because I am following number 8 and have given up fast food/restaurants for a while!
  1. Live a healthy lifestyle instead of making it a phase 
  1. Finish my degree!
  1. Improve sewing skills and open my Etsy shop
  1. Get out of debt
  1. Get out of Comfort Zone (go places alone)
  1. Volunteer once a year
  1. Learn Spanish
  1. Learn an Instrument
  1. Take 1 road trip a year
  1. Mature my style 
  1. Be on a game show
  1. Train and try out for American Ninja Warrior
  1. Perfect my gardening
  1. Try a new recipe twice a month
  1. Go scuba diving
  1. Mardi Gras
  1. Watch a meteor shower
  1. Go to Comic-Con in cosplay
  1. Go Camping
  1. Find a hobby I enjoy and actually follow through with it
  1. Allow myself to trust and truly love
  1. Go skiing
  1. Simply do what makes me HAPPY